Map of stalls and venue

Download the map of the room and tables: 2017 plan de table définitif

Download the list of exhibitors by stall number: 2017 Numéro de stand numérique

Download the list of stalls in alphabetical order of exhibitors: 2017 Numéros de stand alphabetique


We have done our best to stick to your particular requests and to take into account your possible affinities with your neighbors etc. If your stall does not suit you we apologize for it. You can clarify things next year.

For this year we can not make any changes except at the last minute in case of difficulties presented by the new place or following an error on our part.

to those in room 2:  do not worry, we have taken all possible measures for the public to visit you (display, signage, activities etc).


Reminder: Access times are in the terms and conditions that you received with your badge. We will be strict about them.


Thank you for your understanding and have a good fair.