Update: Terms and conditions for fairs.

The following paragraphs have been amended:

1.2) Our stalls are rented by the ½ table. The different measurements are stated in the descriptions of the items in the booking shop.

1.4) Prices and payments for stall reservations:

The payment must be made within 7 days of making your reservation. This is applicable to all sellers local and foreign. Without payment your reservation will be cancelled on the 8th day.


Prices are indicated in the description of the item on the online reservation shop. Prices can vary according the period you order in (the earlier you reserve, the cheaper it is). The different prices and their active dates are indicated in the descriptions of the items on the online reservation shop.

2.4) Stallholders will be held responsible for any damage they might cause the venue or to vehicles.

3.2) Access to the Occaphot’ venue for stallholders will be permitted only at the stated times:

  • For paying members of the ASBL from 7h00.
  • For stall holders who are not paying members of the ASBL from 7h30.

3.5) No « early birds » will be admitted […] give equal opportunity to all buyers. Any attempt at entry fraude by exchanging badges and/or parking cards, copying of entry tickets whether paying or free, by renting a stall in order to gain early access to vendors merchandise will lead to immediate bannishment of the people from the event itself and all future events. 

3.8) The members up to date with their fees and on presentation of their badge do not have to pay the entrance fee to events organised by Photographia. They have the right to their free entrance to any event organized by Photographia. Entrance tickets and free drinks tickets provided by the association can in no case be copied or redistributed. Drink tickets can be used only by the member and their assistants who have their official badge and only at the even for which they are meant. Tickets are nominative and cannot be used later at an upcoming event. Any fraud will see the application of point 3.5) above.


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