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Dissolution of the non-profit organization, but nothing really changes.

Dear friends,

This little note to give you the latest news about Photographia.

As you know, I can not continue to manage it and we were looking for someone to take over. Well, it’s almost done. We still have to complete a few small steps.

Isabel, Luc and Geneviève submitted their resignations on 11th April.

Photographia asbl is voluntarily dissolved. All activities and assets are taken over by Photoviews asbl under the chairmanship of Michel Draguet.

The purpose of the Photographia section is to preserve and promote our photographic heritage.

Photoviews must meet the following conditions:

  1. All activities currently organized under the name Photographia ASBL will be taken by Photoviews asbl under the name Photographia.
  2. Occaphot ‘, the Brussels fair, retains the name of Occaphot’ and is organized by Photographia as part of Photoviews. Occaphot’ will, according to tradition, be organized on the first Sunday of December in one of the municipalities of the city of Brussels. A change of date is only possible in case of absolute necessity and only after studying the calendar of the European fairs closely.
  3. Photographia can organize any other photographic event that it considers useful (other fairs, meetings, demonstrations, exhibitions, workshops, etc.)
  4. Affiliated members can choose to support only the Photographia or Photoviews sections or to support both sections at the same time.
  5. The privacy of the Photographia address book will be respected, no data or information about its members or participants can be distributed, sold or exchanged in any way.

All financial and material resources (bank account, exhibition material, photo material as a result of donations, address book, website and accounts on social networks, suppliers of accounts, archives, etc.) will be made available to Photoviews and / or transferred as quickly as possible to Photoviews.

In short, absolutely nothing changes for you, it is just another person responsible and we lose the 4 letters at the end of our name.
I will guide Michel in his organization of Occaphot’ 2018 at least.

Thank you for your loyalty.