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Exhibition Occaphot’ 2017

Hello to you all,

The theme for this years’ exhibition at Occaphot’ 2017 will be

“The body unusually”

We’ll be showing Orotones by Caroline Chik (Arsiloe), our current favourite.

You might have been able to see her work previously. Caroline was honoured in Bièvres this year where she was showing her orotones, elegant jewellery and delicate prints.

If you’d like to take part alongside Arsiloe please send us your submission by email to info@photographia-asbl.com

The theme:

The body unusually: the human form, honored, questioned, mystified, without seeing any real human bodies.

The process :

The more unusual it is the more « points you’ll score »

The show :

We’ll set it up on Saturday 2nd December et dismantle it on Sunday 3rd at the end of the day. If you would like to show your work but cannot be there on the Saturday we can arrange shipping of it to and from here at our cost.

The space available:

You can use up to W3,5 x H2m

Deadline for applications:

We’ll announce the winners on October 15th, 2017.

If you are shipping your work it needs to be with us by November 24th at the latest.

Details needed in your application :

Surname, First name, address, phone number, email;

 A brief presentation of yourself and your work in general, your photographs and their titles if they have one.

*The theme is imposed only for the annual themed exhibition, it is, of course, not imposed on the artists renting stalls.