Collodion Festival 2018


We’re pleased to announce that our first edition of the

Collodion Festival

will take place at the world renowned crystal factory :

Val Saint Lambert in Belgium that has been transformed into a museum.  

Château du Val Saint Lambert
Esplanade du Val
4100 Seraing


The date is still to be set but will either be second half of August or first half of September 2018 and will last 3 days.  

We are still working out details but will likely be in the walled gardens. Campervan and other similarly large wheeled darkrooms are also welcome. There is space close to the group planned for you too.

What will happen?

  • You can shoot plates and meet other collodionistas. Wet and dry collodion are all welcome.
  • Visit the museum (included in your fee):
    • its gallery of crystal pieces
    • its gallery of huge glass sculptures made by the Belgian artist Bernard Tirtiaux.
    • the timeline gallery that retraces glass from it’s historical discovery to it’s use at the crystal factory
    • the glassblowing demonstrations.
    • the crystal shop.
    • the film about the Val’s working class’s life through warm and heart touching testimonies of the crystal factory former workers.
  • An exhibition of your work.
    • For local collodion artists we can show your work there for a couple of weeks, for participants travelling from other countries you can show your work over the weekend as we don’t feel confident handling the logistics of shipping glass all over the world.
    • We’ll welcome tintypes but would like to put the accent on glass since that is the basis of the museum.
  • We’re looking at the logistics so collodion suppliers can have commercials stalls. You could finally meet the people who sell to you, touch the cameras before you buy
  • We’re also considering a conference or Ted Talk type of event.
  • And thinking about the possibility of a workshop.
  • It is a public place that will not be closed for this. Visitors will be roaming around and you might sell a plate or a portrait to them.

The museum has a restaurant with very generous good food to sustain you for the entire stay (I’m sure vegetarian options are available for example).

We’ll update this page when we have answers to further questions such as accomodation (hotel and camping options), what it will cost you to participate, how to sign-up and so on.




The link below is old but you can still fill it out, most questions are still useful for us to know about.

Please answer the survey by clicking on the link just below (or copy paste it into your browser).

It’s short and will only take you a few minutes to fill in.

Thank you very much for your time,


Genevieve, Isabel and Luc. —