The non-profit organization Photographia has been absorbed by Photoviews.

Nothing will change for Photographia except the name ASBL, which will not appear any more.

Photographia becomes the section of another non-profit association, Photoviews, but its activities are preserved.



Dear friends,

The non-profit organization Photographia has been dissolved.

All Photographia activities remain valid and its promotion will be reinforced.

Thank you for the former photographic managers.

Occaphot ‘is almost 30 years old, the project is underway for 2018, same place. You want information for the fair? It’s here: or tel 0475 46 14 48. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Today, the committee of the non-profit association Photoviews is composed as follows:

President: Michel Draguet
Treasurer: Virginie Hulet
Secretary: Amiet Alain
New member of the committee: Sandrine Istace, in charge of the Photographia site.


For any information, please contact via the contact form or by email at or
We will also be happy to answer you at 0475 46 14 48.