Terms and conditions: the directory

1) Listings :
1.1) Basic listings are free, now and forever.

1.2) Basic listing are valid for as long as Photographia exist or offers this option.

1.3) Listings are classified alphabetically except in the event of a paid listing which will bring your listing to the top of the page.

1.4) The sole purpose of the listing is to help people find you, Photographia does not profit from the listings.

1.5) Photographia reserves the right to refuse publication of any listing deemed irrelevant or abusive to the organisation or its followers and directory users.

1.6) Photographia is not responsible for any business resulting from the communication between a lister and his/her buyer: Photographia will not referee.

1.7) Photographia will not receive any financial compensation from the lister for business received through the directory other than the fee for priority listings.

1.8) Priority listings are under no obligation to be renewed.

1.9) Priority listings are valid for 365 days after which they will turn into basic listings or get deleted if you request they be deleted.

1.10) Priority listings that are paid for cannot be refunded except within the first 48h of registration. An upgraded listing will remain upgraded for the contractual 365 days. Should you with to downgrade before that time is up the fee will not be refunded.

1.11) If, for any reason, Photographia choses to close the entire directory your fee will be refunded pro rata for the year in which the closure of the service takes place.


2) Privacy policy:

2.1) Photographia will not sell your data to anyone.

2.2) You can remove yourself from the directory whenever you chose to do so either by doing so yourself or sending us a request. We will oblige within 48h.

2.3) All images used in your listing remain your property and will not be used by Photographia in any way without your specific written permission.

2.4) Photographia does not receive copies of the emails sent through the directory to a lister by a customer. All communications with your customer though our contact field remain private.