Organisation looking for new management.

Dear friends,


For personal reasons I can not continue to manage Photographia. Our organisation is looking for a new team to take it over to avoid complete dissolution.

With my departure the association will also lose its treasurer and his secretary. These roles will need be filled too. Occaphot ‘is almost 30 years old, it would be a shame to shut it down for good so I hope to find someone passionate and motivated to continue to bring this organisation towards the future we have imagined for it. The complete renewal of the team is an advantage because it will allow you to bring your signature to it without being hindered by well anchored pre-existing ideas.


To fill the legal minimum structure we need:

  • a chairperson
  • a treasurer
  • a secretary

Languages needed:

  • French
  • Dutch
  • English is helpful
  • German is a plus.

Our association has:

  • Minimum funds for basic operations
  • Registered paying members
  • Projects planned and partly started
  • A site in working order
  • A Facebook page with a growing following
  • Its own phone number
  • A kit constituted of all the necessary for organising fairs such as Occaphot’
  • 30 years of archives are sorted and filed.
  • Exhibitors are regulars who rent a stall every time, so the address book is reliable
  • It has planned events for which dates and places are in place
  • The association is in fiscal and legal order and has made a request for subsidies for the next 4 years. We expect response mid-January but if the amount requested is granted, the association can pay rent and a full-time employee guaranteed for 4 years.


For any information please contact us via the contact form, by email at, by phone 0471 119 550 between 9 am and 5 pm.


Without serious applications by March 10th 2018, we will begin the process of dissolution of the association. If this were to be the choice, the members would be fully reimbursed for their contributions paid since 2017.




Image: Designed by Freepik