Latest News – 1st June 2017

Dear friends,


We have 3 things to tell you about today :



  • Following your feedback we understand that you are worried about our change of address for Occaphot’. Let us reassure you today. We have increased our communication budget and will make every effort to let people know of this change. We are also counting on you to help us by telling those around you about it and we thank you for your collaboration. We will be in Bièvres to promote the organisation. For those of you who will be there, we’ll give you flyers, posters, folders or whichever you prefer. For those of you who aren’t there we’ll send you some free of charge by post. Please give us the benefit of the doubt, we did attract 200 extra people for 2016.
  • Reservations for stalls are open. We’ve modified the method to make things easier for us and avoid mistakes. AS we did last year, it is cheaper to book before 1st Don’t forget to book your parking card, badges as well as the necessary info concerning your assistants. Click here.
  • The directory has been redone completely. Registration is free so sign-up, if only for the sale of gear. It’ll only take you 5 min. Click here.


Thank you for your time.