Year: 2017

the winners of the 2017 Tombola are:

St Nicolas has been…. who won the prizes? 
We’ve pulled 4 names out of the box:
– The Nespresso coffee machine goes to Bryan Arroba
– The Lerouge pinhole camera is for Emilie Corneux
– The rolls of film belong to Youri Drachman
– and the Lomography camera is now David Videira’s.
We’ll be in touch with the winners soon to arrange how we get these to them. But if you are one of the winners feel free to contact us too 🙂
Happy St Nicolas to all.

Map of stalls and venue

Download the map of the room and tables: 2017 plan de table définitif

Download the list of exhibitors by stall number: 2017 Numéro de stand numérique

Download the list of stalls in alphabetical order of exhibitors: 2017 Numéros de stand alphabetique


We have done our best to stick to your particular requests and to take into account your possible affinities with your neighbors etc. If your stall does not suit you we apologize for it. You can clarify things next year.

For this year we can not make any changes except at the last minute in case of difficulties presented by the new place or following an error on our part.

to those in room 2:  do not worry, we have taken all possible measures for the public to visit you (display, signage, activities etc).


Reminder: Access times are in the terms and conditions that you received with your badge. We will be strict about them.


Thank you for your understanding and have a good fair.

2 days

Dear friends,

  • You now have 2 days left to reserve your stall.
    • For members: the reservation of your stand is not included automatically in your membership. You must order it separately. The exhibitor badge is replaced by your membership badge. You only need an assistant badge for, well, your assistants.


  • Your envelope with your badges will give you opening hours of the venue and parking. We will be uncompromising on these schedules. Arriving too soon will only clog up traffic.
    • All the badges for complete and paid for reservations are in the post.


  • Stalls that are not paid for must be as quickly as possible otherwise the badges will not reach you in time. This will make things less comfortable for you on Sunday morning.
    Next year we will be strict on this, the terms and conditions will be applied to the letter after these 3 years of transition.


  • We received an extra prize to put in the raffle. This wooden pinhole camera is gifted to us by Lerouge.
    If you would like a ticket, these are available on the site.




  • For those who are worried about the change of address and the consequences of this you can visit the following page:
    It contains the numbers that will allow you to judge our communication efforts. We apologize for not providing you with a translation.


  • If you have any worries or problems please feel free to contact us. There is always an explanation / solution.

9 days to Deadline.


Occaphot is now  16 days away. The deadline for registering as a seller is 26th November 2017.

(Note to members:  Your membership does not automatically include you stall. You need to reserve it as well. Your advantages as a member apply to your reservation.)

To rent a stall click here:

  • Order your half tables.
  • Order your sellers badge AND the badges for your assistants. (if you are a member your members badge is enough, you don’t need to order another for yourself. You do need to order them for your assistants.)
  • Order your parking card.
  • Fill in this form with your ID information and number plates:
  • Pay for your reservation within 7 days as is stated in the terms and conditions otherwise your stall can be cancelled.

For those who missed the previous post, we will have a pizza truck, the bar and snack.

You can find the menu for the pizza truck in a previous newsletter referring to food and drink at Occaphot’.


See you soon.


Wet plate collodion demo and workshop

Occaphot’ 2017


New address :

Avenue Orban 73

10:30 – 13:00 
Introductory workshop on Wet Plate Photography with Silvano Magnone UPDATE 4.45pm, on 17/11 : WORKSHOP FULL. 
This workshop will be given in French or English depending on the students.
In this short hands-on workshop we will discover the first elements of wet plate collodion photography.
The participants will be able make their first steps in this antique photographic process.
A wet plate camera, a darkroom and all the chemicals will be provided by the instructor.
The workshop will take place in the “pop-up studio” separated from the main area.
50€ – Max 6 participants
The fee includes the entrance to Occaphot.

The participants will receive a special discount for any registration to a full day workshop in Silvano Magnone’s Studio.

13:30 – 16:00
Wet Plate Collodion Open Studio & PRINTS SALE
During the afternoon the wet plate pop-up studio will stay open for the regular Occaphot visitors.
The visitors will have the opportunity to book workshops and portrait sessions at a special price in Silvano Magnone’s Studio.
Special edition fine art prints will be on sale during the day.
For more info and registration:
 Silvano Magnone

Occaphot’: food and drink


Occaphot’ will have a bar like the previous years. We’ll supply drinks such as coffee, tea, wine, beer, soft drinks and snacks at friendly prices.

We will also have a pizza truck for your lunch.

Their website can be seen here.

And here is the menu.

For those of you coming alone we can help you. Take you order and bring it to you on your stall. Just let us know that we need to come and see you about that.

exhibition: the body otherwise

The participants for the exhibition at this year’s Occaphot‘ are:

Arsiloe – orotone – wax figure

Caroline Chik we’ll be showing her orotones. In case you don’t know what that is, come and find out by looking at her work and reading about the process.




Besides her work you will discover:

(no translation available, sorry.)


 Yousra Daly:
“j’aimerai vous présenter le thème “Autoportrait”, réalisé pour mon jury de fin d’année. Pour ce thème, j’ai réalisé un sténopé rond pouvant accueillir une feuille A4. Cette forme cyclique apporte une déformation du corps, et génère ainsi un autre corps que celui qui se représente à moi face à un miroir. 
De plus, ce thème se présentait à moi comme une recherche de mon être à travers le médium photographique. Par la suite, il me fallut le besoin d’aller plus loin dans ma recherche et de continuer le travail après le développement de ma photographie en négatif, j’ai donc commencé à dégrader; peindre, à l’aide de produits chimiques mes autoportraits.”

“La série « kintsugi » fait référence à l’art de la porcelaine au Japon quand, brisée, elle est réparée par un joint à l’or fin qui, au lieu de dissimuler l’accident, l’amplifie et le glorifie. Les modèles blessés, amputés, deviennent ainsi de précieuses porcelaines.Photographie argentique, tirage jet d’encre, ajouts de feuille d’or.”











For further details like the program for th day and the adress, please click here.

Update: Terms and conditions for fairs.

The following paragraphs have been amended:

1.2) Our stalls are rented by the ½ table. The different measurements are stated in the descriptions of the items in the booking shop.

1.4) Prices and payments for stall reservations:

The payment must be made within 7 days of making your reservation. This is applicable to all sellers local and foreign. Without payment your reservation will be cancelled on the 8th day.


Prices are indicated in the description of the item on the online reservation shop. Prices can vary according the period you order in (the earlier you reserve, the cheaper it is). The different prices and their active dates are indicated in the descriptions of the items on the online reservation shop.

2.4) Stallholders will be held responsible for any damage they might cause the venue or to vehicles.

3.2) Access to the Occaphot’ venue for stallholders will be permitted only at the stated times:

  • For paying members of the ASBL from 7h00.
  • For stall holders who are not paying members of the ASBL from 7h30.

3.5) No « early birds » will be admitted […] give equal opportunity to all buyers. Any attempt at entry fraude by exchanging badges and/or parking cards, copying of entry tickets whether paying or free, by renting a stall in order to gain early access to vendors merchandise will lead to immediate bannishment of the people from the event itself and all future events. 

3.8) The members up to date with their fees and on presentation of their badge do not have to pay the entrance fee to events organised by Photographia. They have the right to their free entrance to any event organized by Photographia. Entrance tickets and free drinks tickets provided by the association can in no case be copied or redistributed. Drink tickets can be used only by the member and their assistants who have their official badge and only at the even for which they are meant. Tickets are nominative and cannot be used later at an upcoming event. Any fraud will see the application of point 3.5) above.


For the full text please refer to our site by clicking here.

Occaphot: 6 weeks left + lady looking for buyer cinema/photo gear



First of all we have 3 bits of information for you today.

The second part of this newsletter is that we were contacted by a lady whose husband passed away, she is looking to sell his photo and cinema gear.

1) Occaphot is now 7 weeks away. The deadline for registering as a seller is 26th November 2017. To rent a stall click here:

  • Order your half tables.
  • Order your sellers badge AND the badges for your assistants. (if you are a member your members badge is enough, you don’t need to order another for yourself. You do need to order them for your assistants.)
  • Order your parking card.
  • Fill in this form with your ID information and number plates:
  • Pay for your reservation within 7 days as is stated in the terms and conditions otherwise your stall can be cancelled.

2) We are pleased to announce a new event in our calendar: CaroloPhoto.

It will be an outdoor fair like Occaphot’ in the gardens of the museum of photography in Charleroi. It will be held on the 6th May 2018. Registration isn’t open yet but we’ll let you know when it is.


3) And a 3rd event of a different kind. We’ve talked about it but it’s a done deal now. A Collodion Festival (for wet and dry plate). We’ll be at the crystal museum of the Val St Lambert in Liège. We’ll have some seller stalls but only of gear that can be used or is related to collodion or very old processes.




Part 2.

A lady living in Virginal (Brabant Wallon) who’s husband passed away is looking to sell her husbands collection. He was passionate about cinema mainly and includes a large cinema projector. Everything lives in her cellar Since he no longer spends his days down there the heating is turned off and she has turned off the dehumidifier to save energy. The dampness is returning and is starting to show some signs of affecting all of this stuff. I have advised she turn it back on to avoid damaging anything but she may choose not to do this so if you have any interest in any of the stuff in the pictures please be quick about it.

She is not wealthy, is losing her sight and an honest price is requested please.

If you see anything that appeals to you please contact me by email only. Not by phone. I am overworked and this close to Occaphot’ I fear my memory will fail me too much to deal with phone requests.

I prefer to sell the lot, there’s no way I can handle selling individual items at this point.

Thank you kindly.


2 days left on the promotion

Dear stallholder,


There are two days left to benefit of the reduced prices.

To reserve your stall go onto our online shop:

  1. Order your half tables*
  2. Order your badges (for you and your assistants). The deposit paid will be refunded when you return the badges.
  3. Order your parking card
  4. Give us the indentity information and number plates for the badges and cards:
  5. Reservations must be paid within 7 days of placing the order.


*if you are an artist you can book a gridded pannel instead.


If you’d like to know more about Occaphot’ :



Avenue Orban 73