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Occaphot: 6 weeks left + lady looking for buyer cinema/photo gear



First of all we have 3 bits of information for you today.

The second part of this newsletter is that we were contacted by a lady whose husband passed away, she is looking to sell his photo and cinema gear.

1) Occaphot is now 7 weeks away. The deadline for registering as a seller is 26th November 2017. To rent a stall click here:

  • Order your half tables.
  • Order your sellers badge AND the badges for your assistants. (if you are a member your members badge is enough, you don’t need to order another for yourself. You do need to order them for your assistants.)
  • Order your parking card.
  • Fill in this form with your ID information and number plates:
  • Pay for your reservation within 7 days as is stated in the terms and conditions otherwise your stall can be cancelled.

2) We are pleased to announce a new event in our calendar: CaroloPhoto.

It will be an outdoor fair like Occaphot’ in the gardens of the museum of photography in Charleroi. It will be held on the 6th May 2018. Registration isn’t open yet but we’ll let you know when it is.


3) And a 3rd event of a different kind. We’ve talked about it but it’s a done deal now. A Collodion Festival (for wet and dry plate). We’ll be at the crystal museum of the Val St Lambert in Liège. We’ll have some seller stalls but only of gear that can be used or is related to collodion or very old processes.




Part 2.

A lady living in Virginal (Brabant Wallon) who’s husband passed away is looking to sell her husbands collection. He was passionate about cinema mainly and includes a large cinema projector. Everything lives in her cellar Since he no longer spends his days down there the heating is turned off and she has turned off the dehumidifier to save energy. The dampness is returning and is starting to show some signs of affecting all of this stuff. I have advised she turn it back on to avoid damaging anything but she may choose not to do this so if you have any interest in any of the stuff in the pictures please be quick about it.

She is not wealthy, is losing her sight and an honest price is requested please.

If you see anything that appeals to you please contact me by email only. Not by phone. I am overworked and this close to Occaphot’ I fear my memory will fail me too much to deal with phone requests.

I prefer to sell the lot, there’s no way I can handle selling individual items at this point.

Thank you kindly.


2 days left on the promotion

Dear stallholder,


There are two days left to benefit of the reduced prices.

To reserve your stall go onto our online shop:

  1. Order your half tables*
  2. Order your badges (for you and your assistants). The deposit paid will be refunded when you return the badges.
  3. Order your parking card
  4. Give us the indentity information and number plates for the badges and cards:
  5. Reservations must be paid within 7 days of placing the order.


*if you are an artist you can book a gridded pannel instead.


If you’d like to know more about Occaphot’ :



Avenue Orban 73

The Occaphot’ 2017 tombola

Dear friends,


Last year we held a tombola in which the prize was a job lot of film rolls. This year we’re doing more! You can win a Nespresso coffee machine, a Lomography camera or a job lot of rolls of film.

To enter you have one ticket included in your entrance ticket for Occaphot’. You can also increase your chances of winning by purchasing further tickets on the website or at the till at Occaphot’ 2017 that will take place on the 3rd December 2017 at our new venue.


Athenee Royal Crommelynck
Avenue Orban 73
1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre


You’ll find all the information concerning Occaphot’ 2017 by clicking here.

You can follow our event on our Facebook page by clicking here.

For all details concerning the tombola click here.

To rent a stall, click here.

Exhibition Occaphot’ 2017

Hello to you all,

The theme for this years’ exhibition at Occaphot’ 2017 will be

“The body unusually”

We’ll be showing Orotones by Caroline Chik (Arsiloe), our current favourite.

You might have been able to see her work previously. Caroline was honoured in Bièvres this year where she was showing her orotones, elegant jewellery and delicate prints.

If you’d like to take part alongside Arsiloe please send us your submission by email to

The theme:

The body unusually: the human form, honored, questioned, mystified, without seeing any real human bodies.

The process :

The more unusual it is the more « points you’ll score »

The show :

We’ll set it up on Saturday 2nd December et dismantle it on Sunday 3rd at the end of the day. If you would like to show your work but cannot be there on the Saturday we can arrange shipping of it to and from here at our cost.

The space available:

You can use up to W3,5 x H2m

Deadline for applications:

We’ll announce the winners on October 15th, 2017.

If you are shipping your work it needs to be with us by November 24th at the latest.

Details needed in your application :

Surname, First name, address, phone number, email;

 A brief presentation of yourself and your work in general, your photographs and their titles if they have one.

*The theme is imposed only for the annual themed exhibition, it is, of course, not imposed on the artists renting stalls.

Latest News – 1st June 2017

Dear friends,


We have 3 things to tell you about today :



  • Following your feedback we understand that you are worried about our change of address for Occaphot’. Let us reassure you today. We have increased our communication budget and will make every effort to let people know of this change. We are also counting on you to help us by telling those around you about it and we thank you for your collaboration. We will be in Bièvres to promote the organisation. For those of you who will be there, we’ll give you flyers, posters, folders or whichever you prefer. For those of you who aren’t there we’ll send you some free of charge by post. Please give us the benefit of the doubt, we did attract 200 extra people for 2016.
  • Reservations for stalls are open. We’ve modified the method to make things easier for us and avoid mistakes. AS we did last year, it is cheaper to book before 1st Don’t forget to book your parking card, badges as well as the necessary info concerning your assistants. Click here.
  • The directory has been redone completely. Registration is free so sign-up, if only for the sale of gear. It’ll only take you 5 min. Click here.


Thank you for your time.

Occaphot’, que verrez-vous lors de notre bourse.

Chers visiteurs,


Nous sommes contents de vous accueillir pour cette nouvelle édition d’Occaphot’ avec la nouvelle équipe.

Pour la première fois nous aurons une petite expo photo qui présentera des photographes Belges.

Nous avons mis un concours en ligne sur notre page Facebook. Il nous reste 2 panneaux. Pour savoir comment participer il faut obligatoirement passer la note page Facebook.


Vous exposerez aux côtés de Studio Baxton avec leurs ultra grands formats faits à partir de plaques au collodion humide.

Frédéric Materne nous montrera sa vision de Barcelone, Jacques Coenen nous montrera son New York en plus de tenir son stand habituel de matériel photo. A côté de son stand vous trouverez le stand de Photoviews qui sont spécialisés dans les rencontres photographes/modèle. Photoviews proposent des concours avec des prix intéressants et une base de données de +18 000 noms en Belgique et en France.

Nous vous présenterons le travail d’ébénisterie photographique de René Smets. Des vraies merveilles qui, à elles-seules, valent le déplacement.


Si le procédé du Studio Baxton vous intéresse vous pourrez trouver le stand de Photo 42 qui est spécialisé dans le collodion humide. Après une pause cette entreprise reprendra ces activités en Janvier et propose stages et kits de chimies et matériel pour les débutants.


Nous vous réservons encore une petite surprise mais il faudra encore patienter un petit peu.

Nous vous enverrons un autre email prochainement avec les détails pratiques.

A bientôt,



Isabel, Genevieve et Luc

Latest news Occaphot’


Chers amis,


Nous regrettons de devoir annoncer que Philippe Berger ne pourra pas présenter ses tirages à Occaphot‘. Nous regrettons ce contretemps mais c’est indépendant de notre volonté. Nous vous présenterons les travaux de Studio Baxton à la place ! Venez découvrir des tirages en très grand formats faits à partir de plaques au collodion humide. Ils seront aussi présents avec un stand de matériel à vendre et seront en collaboration avec Lacam dont nous vous avons annoncé la présence récemment. Si le collodion humide vous intéresse Photo 42 sera aussi présent pour vous aider à vous lancer dans le procédé.



Pour rappel Occaphot’ c’est dans 5 semaines. 
Je vous rappelle que la date limite pour les inscriptions est le 27 Novembre 2016.

Les inscriptions se font ici :

Attendez la facture qui vous sera envoyée avant de payer svp. Les cartes de parking et les badges vous seront envoyés en temps voulu.



Le parking de l’école est maintenant gérée par une société privée qui fonctionne avec des abonnements et non plus par l’école. Nous avons néanmoins conclu un accord avec eux sous conditions : L’accès libre et gratuit est accordé pendant les horaires d’ouverture public de la bourse mais pas en dehors de celle-ci. Nous réserverons une place près de l’entrée pour les personnes à mobilité réduite.

L’entrée avant 9h30 est limitée aux personnes ayant obtenu l’autorisation de la part de l’entreprise. Nous nous chargeons d’obtenir cette autorisation et la gratuité pour les exposants mais ne tardez pas a réserver votre stand pour que nous puissions vous inclure dedans sans panique de dernière minute.


A bientôt!