Terms and conditions: fairs


1.1) The organisers reserve the right to refuse to rent a stall to whomever they chose.

1.2) Our stalls are rented by the ½ table. The different measurements are stated in the descriptions of the items in the booking shop.

1.3) Registration is done via the website through the online shop.

1.4) Prices and payments for stall reservations:

The payment must be made within 7 days of making your reservation. This is applicable to all sellers local and foreign. Without payment your reservation will be cancelled on the 8th day.

Payment can be received by bank transfer on account IBAN: BE58 7512 0834 0579 BIC/SWIFT AXABBE22. Upon request we can send you a Paypal invoice which allows you to pay online by credit card.

Prices are indicated in the description of the item on the online reservation shop. Prices can vary according the period you order in (the earlier you reserve, the cheaper it is). The different prices and their active dates are indicated in the descriptions of the items on the online reservation shop.

1.5) Reservation benefit of the discounted rate must be paid within 7 working days of the date of reservation and within the deadline date of this same promotion. Any reservation made in the last 7 days of the promotion still Les réservations bénéficiant du tarif réduit doivent être payés dans les 7 jours ouvrables à partir de la date de réservation et avant la date limite de la promotion. Pour les réservations faite dans les 7 jours précédent la fin de la promotion vous bénéficiez quand même des 7 jours de délais.

1.6) Any cancellation must be received 7 days prior to the event by email to info@photographia-asbl.com or by postal mail to 9, route d’Ohain, 1380 Lasne Belgium, by phone on number (+32) 0475 46 14 48. To be able to ask for a full refund on your rental you must fill the aforementioned conditions, outside of them the full amount will still be required. There are extenuating circumstances for which refunds are possible for cancellations requested later. Please contact a member of the team. No refunds will be given after the event regardless of the reasons for the cancellation.

1.7) The ASBL Photographia will do its utmost best to place stallholders within the parameters they have requested but this cannot be guaranteed and can be changed at the last minute if needed.

1.8) Stalls must present a sufficient amount of stock for sale. Empty or half empty table are not acceptable.

1.9) Stallholders have sole responsibility for their stock and personal effects. The ASBL, the owner or the managers of the venue cannot be held responsible for any damage or theft occurring to stallholders stock, personal effects or vehicle. Any sales occurring is between the seller and the buyer and the ASBL, or venue owners or managers cannot be held responsible in any problems arising following a sale or partake in any mediation of any kind.

1.10) Stallholders are required to respect the venue and its surroundings. Any trash must be thrown into the appropriate bins.

1.11) No security will be available in the building or parking except when clearly stated otherwise. For this reason no stock, personal effects or vehicles can be left on the premises outside of the stated hours.



2.1) Exclusive access to the parking will be granted to stallholders only on presentation of the valid personalised (number plate) parking card issued by the ASBL. This card will only be received once payments are in order and it must be placed in clear sight on the dashboard of the vehicle.

2.2)  Access to the parking for fairs will only be possible from 6h50.

2.3) You cannot, under any circumstance, block the street in front of the school, block public transport, emergency services or the neighbours from getting through.

2.4) Stallholders will be held responsible for any damage they might cause the venue or to vehicles.

2.5) The ASBL, the owners or managers of the venue cannot be held responsible for any damage or theft occurring to stallholders’ vehicles while they are on the grounds.

2.6) If a parking space is reserved for disabled visitors’ stallholders will leave this space free. Any parking on it without specific permission or a valid state provided disability card will see the vehicle towed.

2.7) The ASBL will make sure that all disabled parking is clearly marked.


3.1) Access to the venue will only be granted to people presenting their stallholders badge and respecting their time slot, to those having paid the entrance fee within the public opening hours, to people presenting their invitation.

3.2) Access to the venue for stallholders will be permitted only at the stated times:

  • For paying members of the ASBL from 7h00.
  • For stall holders who are not paying members of the ASBL from 7h30.
  • Early birds from 8h30
  • Visitors from 9h30

3.3) Access will only be granted to the public after they have acquitted themselves of the entrance fee. This fee is stated on the publicity material and will be stated at the entrance. To stallholders upon presentation of their personalized badge. This badge will require a 2€ deposit per badge that will be refunded on the day itself upon return of the badge at the end of the day.

3.4)  Any attempt at entry fraude by exchanging badges of any type and/or parking cards, copying of entry tickets whether paying or free, by renting a stall in order to gain earlier access to vendors merchandise, to use assistant badges with the aim getting in free of charge or any other method of avoiding paying participation fees will lead to immediate bannishment of the people from the event itself and all future events. 

3.5) Early birds will need to pay the appropriate fee to gain access to the venue. Early birdsmust pre-order and will receive a early bird badge that must be worn at all times. Access will be granted 1h before the public. Looking through boxes belonging to sellers is forbidden without specific authorisation from them. Alls goodsmust be treated gently and with respect.

3.6) The ASBL promises supply of a sufficient number of badges to the stallholders. These badges will be sent out before the event assuming all required information was received. This identity information must be given via the online form found on this page: https://photographia-asbl.com/?page_id=1843&lang=en

3.7) The ASBL reserves the right to refuse access to anyone who does not respect the regulations imposed by the ASBL or the venue and in every case in which the person entered the venue under false pretences. This includes stallholders.

3.8) The members up to date with their fees and on presentation of their badge do not have to pay the entrance fee to events organised by Photographia. They have the right to their free entrance to any event organized by Photographia. Entrance tickets and free drinks tickets provided by the association can in no case be copied or redistributed. Drink tickets can be used only by the member and their assistants who have their official badge and only at the even for which they are meant. Tickets are nominative and cannot be used later at an upcoming event. Any fraud will see the application of point 3.5) above.


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